Looking for Tutor in VCV Rack Coding

My idea:

  • occasional video calls when I get stuck
  • conditions can be negotiated, incl. payment
  • my background is in the natural sciences, I’m experienced in coding for statistics & data science, but no systematic C++ knowledge
  • current state: i’ve successfully coded a module generating LFO signals. and my memory sucks.

Nyquist Nyquist frequency - Wikipedia and some small amount of DSP knowledge would be good to revise.

EDIT: Also Linux/Mac/Windows? x86_64 or arm64? It’s kind of not that important, but for using the same code base, and screen sharing for some applications it might be. It really depends on what you want to build. I mean for tutorials, “it works here” might not be a good enough explanation.

If you don’t mind some alias distortion (80s synth digital phizzle), Nyquist is not that important. Are you looking to create graphical masterpieces as well as audio interest modules? Maybe a stats module to generate in distribution noise might be a good first module. Twist the voltage distribution knob, dial in the change event sigma knob (and maybe its Poisson et al kind switch). And a tick clock …



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Not Rack, but Chat GPT has written quite a lot of pretty good custom php for me over the last few weeks. Takes some careful prompting and nurturing, and it seems very forgetful and absent-minded sometimes, but the whole experience has been quite sci-fi. I feel a bit like Iron Man talking to the AI in his suit.

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Like some random ideas I’ve though about but won’t do yet or ever (the creative blast):

  1. A 7*7 chess board with no kings, and the taken pieces get replaced to try to win but never (output is triggers). GPL could even “steal” the 1K+ chess C masterpiece with a hash table killer move thing. Toledo Nanochess and Toledo Picochess.
  2. Experiments in remapping division NaN and Inf. (Sonic qualitatives).
  3. The bio stuff makes me think protein AA sequences, … Ribosome is a great name.


I’m on a Mac, working with XCode, nothing on github yet. Currently my problem has nothing to do with DSP, it’s more of a C++ / OOP problem in the context of Rack.

I’m using it. It has helped on a few occasions, and failed miserably on others.

It’s GPL 3.0 but if you have a github account you can git clone git@github.com:jackokring/jqt-chromebook-arm.git and git checkout libj-wrapper and you have 3 blank modules and some source code to look at.

EDIT: you might have to cd jqt-chromebook-arm.git before checkout. And you’ll see how on the third design I’m choosing to rack.

  1. was some idea with a DSL yep, but the API changed.
  2. KRTPluginA yes it’s in the library, and works on all architectures.
  3. KRTPluginJ building an abstraction layer. Less Inkscaping. Testing some tool building as I have designs on some threading and forking. Check the plugin.cpp/hpp for an interface I’m building myself. The OOP of C++ bit is really just a wrapper about function pointers and there are sometimes reasons for upcasting C to C++, but C is often valid. It has some heavy macros which can confuse IDEs. Check blank.cpp and assume macro NAME is the slug of a module…

EDIT2: Just added PR1 as a 2 column “lanes” module. It’s a macro upto 8 … as a pull request module …

EDIT3: some upcasting does malloc() and might trigger a heap compaction processing delay buffer under run. It’s an excuse for why I’m not all C++ myself with real time stuff.

Sounds about right lol

I’m happy to help if you’re having any trouble compiling or debugging. I got debugging to work with vscode. I also got it to work on Xcode, but I couldn’t get Xcode to watch variables, I think. For OOP stuff, I wouldn’t be much of a help. I’ve written enough python and javascript to understand the concepts, but I have to look up the C++ syntax.

But, if timing lines up, I’d be happy to tell you whatever I know and see if I could sort out a problem or two over video chat to show you my code discovery techniques. There’s lots of going to definition and imitating other code, and then writing mostly C-like in my bubble while I absorb the different C++ tools and styles.