Looking for trigger-to-gate module

I’d like to dynamically modify (see ‘CV control’) the length of a trigger. Currently I use various envelope generators to convert the triggers to a somewhat longer gate. Or sometimes I use Submarine’s PG-104 with a separate uMap to change the knob.

Could you please recommend a simple, small, no-brainer module dedicated to this?

Bogaudio dgate & Stoermelder CV-MAP.


nysthi::elsker nysthi::RAEL

or you can use the b208 env generator and use the output as gate setting to ZERO Attack and ZERO DECAY, and timing the ON time (with CV too…

Or you can use any of the POlyDAHD where you can do similar things

I’m not sure I would describe it as especially simple, but my Billy G8s modules was specifically designed to turn CV signals (in particular triggers) into gates

Count Modula Gate Modifier: Voltage controlled gate length modifier

Ah, yes. That’s why I got into trouble! :slight_smile: I started to play with this one the other day but the more patch I create the more I’d like to replace it with something smaller.

This is a great module by the way! Congrats!

@contemporaryinsanity Thanks. Yes, this solution is similar to the PG-104 one that I mentioned as DGATE has no direct CV input for the length. But it works definitely.

@jpvanrumste Yes, I think you’re right. Looks like CM Gate Modifier will be the right for me. I test it.

@synthi Oh, I’m always humiliated by the number of modules you created. But I’ll definately check them out. Although both Elsker and Rael looks like a beast.

Thank you for all the suggestions! I think I know where to start my next testing session. :wink: