Looking for the opposite of "Chances" or "Bernoulli Gate"

Count Modula’s “Chances - bernoulli gate” and Audible Instruments’ “Bernoulli Gate” have similar functions. They randomly select from one of two inputs and route it to a single output. A knob (also a CV i/p) allows you to bias the choice towards one of the inputs, by some arbitrary percentage.

What I’m looking for is a simple module that does the opposite - randomly direct a single input to one of two outputs, while muting the one not chosen. AND with a control to skew it one way or the other by some percentage.

I could always kludge something together with a mixer, one of the existing bernoulli gates and some logic gates, but it seems too simple for somebody not to have already built one in a single compact module. Searching the Library with an assortment of keywords gave no joy.

Maybe Fate by Geodesics?

nysthi::bivio in the third stage is exactly the inverse (it’s a “oivib” ! )


of course for great (programmers/experimenters): also nysthi::thecage multi utility module can be wired to do the same task

Actually the Bernoulli Gate sends a gate to one of two outputs. It is pretty trivial to create your wanted switch with that.

All you need to add is two VCAs. Patch the same input to both VCA inputs, and patch the A gate output to one VCA CV input, and the B gate output to the other.


I would lov a oivib3 module with all 3 sections running in oivib mode,. i find this mode super useful.

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Check Sha#Bang Random Route Switch and Random Gate Switch.

Am I going nuts or is this wrong? Both Chances and Bernoulli gate have one input that is routed to one of 2 outputs.


exactly what I know about them,
so I don’t understand the question,
or is the john_rose looking for routing some inputs to just one out?


But that does not work with AUDIO in.

He wants the output of 1 input randomly go to 1 of 2 outputs. (like Bivio does)


Now I see your confusion.

Uh… I meant two inputs, one output, like it said in the thread title. And like in “Thunderdome”. Clearly my coffee was losing its effectiveness.

I’ll have to check out BIVIO/OIVIB. That looks promising

A Bernoulli gate controlling a VC switch will do this:


Huh. I’ve used VC SWITCH many times. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. It’s not a single-module solution, but still fairly compact and easy to “read”.

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Well. This setup works well for audio:

Make it a cross-fade rather than a hard switch. By setting the Rise and Fall times on the slew limiter to, say, 0.001 seconds, the crossfade happens so quickly that it sounds like an immediate switch but without a click.

Easier than trying to use comparators, trigger buffers, etc. to make it wait for a zero-crossing condition. I’m not even sure that would’ve been possible without allowing a momentary silence in the transition.

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There used to be a module called Baseliner that did this, not sure if it made it to v2. I never got exactly the result I wanted from that but Sha#bang Random Gates works well. Great for switching different clock divisions to a trigger for rhythms.


Baseliner and Bsl1r are available in v2. (But I also prefer the Sha#bang modules.)