Looking for Noise oscillator/generator modules

Hi everyone,
Just getting started with VCV and for the life of me I can’t just find a simple noise oscillator. Would I need to install a plugin for this or am i just missing one that’s already in VCV ?

Any and all help very much appreciated.

I don’t recall there being a fundamental noise generator. There are a load of ways to generate noise in plugins though. Try Squinky Colors for various different types of noise.

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So i “added” that plug in via the online plugin manager. Logged in with vcv and then clicked update plugins. I just can’t find anything from the plugins I selected like they’re not visible anywhere. Any idea what I’m missing ?

After logging in and out in VCV itself and from the browser it’s now downloaded the plugins.
Thanks for the help !

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Good to hear that it works. Those Squinky plugins are all good. Be sure to report back your progress.

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Will do !

Geodesics Branes is a really nice one, in that you have multiple colours of noise, with multiple ranges available.


Thanks Patman

Audible instruments utilities has a simple white noise
Audible instruments macro oscillator 2 has filtered noise and particle noise
Squinky Labs has Colors for coloured noise
Animated Circuits has Noises

There are others but these are the ones I tend to reach for.

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