Looking For Feedback on Module Ideas: Glass Shard

So I have an idea for a Collectable Network Sequencer

Glass Shard

Imaging taking Glass Pane and shattering it into a thousand different shards. Each of the thousand different shards is a different panel configuration of this new module Glass Shard.

Glass Shard is a network sequencer that offers a high degree of configurability like its progenitor, Glass Pane. But each Glass Shard comes with different configuration of scars and cracks on its front panel. These innate imperfections offer built in connections that you can learn and work with as you add your own connections to the module.

Each section on Glass Shard is four beats long and can have anywhere between one and four notes inside of it. Each panel comes with a pattern of internal connections draw on the front of the panel. The panel also has two global states that can be toggled on or off with triggers.


To gain access to all these different configurations, people will have to slowly collect them.

Each week a new configuration will be available for anyone who uses the plugin. Once used it will be added to a library of configurations that person can reuse at any point in the future. If you miss a week, don’t worry, someone else can give you that configuration by sending you a patch file with that configuration loaded.

For people who want access to the configurations faster, a premium version would offer new configurations every day. And with the premium plugin those configurations may be different from user to user, creating even more variations.

What do people think of any part of this idea?


Hi Hi

great idea, I’m in :slight_smile:

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Interesting idea.

I’m not exactly following how the configurations work, but might the list of configurations become large and burdensome over time? If so, perhaps a method will be needed to cull unwanted configurations.


Yeah I think that is a good point. One thought I had was to make a UI similar to the Library to let you browse the configurations.


Some questions on this idea:

So this will require a “phone home” functionality where it polls some online service for updates? Would it even be possible to use the plugin without this online-only functionality? What will happen in the future when the online service may no longer be available?

I guess at least you can have exchange of configs outside of the service. Added bonus: users can “reverse engineer” the format and create their own custom configs even?

Some answers about this idea :slight_smile:

I was not imagining any phoning home functionality.

Exchanging configs or patches is intended behavior, but format used for that won’t be easily reversed engineered.

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Seems like a dynamic mono module with a seed count in a future (not sure a serial is available in rack) to limit use without churning proof of work. Is any module worth the churn?

I like this. but could you make some use of the number of outputs per shard to affect gate length, create ratchets or produce a rest? Got lots of sequencers that all pump out the same duration notes and play 100% of the time and it would be nice to not have to always rope in a separate gate sequencer to get a bit of that sort of variation.


this idea seems to be very interesting,

one question, will premium configurations be shareable too, maybe only with other premium users, or with everyone?

Interesting concept, you are innovative within the rack community. Glass Pane is pretty cool to begin with, I have had some fun cross-patching 2 Glass Pane modules. Some unpredictable behavior from this sort of thing. Sometimes I wish Glass Pane was 4 steps only and you had to chain with other ones for a complete sequence, I have had success with OneShot as well, another fun sequencer that isn’t quite complete on its own. I imagine Glass Shard will be brilliant as well. Keep the bright ideas coming, I love the spirit to innovate.

Hey Simon. I don’t quite follow what you mean. What is a dynamic “dynamic mono module”? I’m also not sure what you mean by prof of work. I’m only familiar with that term in the context of a block chain, which this would not involve.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I totally agree. So the proposal would already have different length notes. For example the top would play two notes in the same duration that the bottom row would play one note.


On top of that I could also see is adding rests. Basically Xs where some of the knobs are. Would that be enough for you, or are you looking for something more?

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They would be shareable yes. And I was thinking premium users could share them with non premium users too.

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I’m glad you find my stuff innovative.

Re One Shot. Yeah its meant to be an “end of chain” sequencer, something that adds some spice on top of another sequencer. That said if you chain several one shots together you can make an interesting sequencer.

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That’s a whole lot better than I was expecting so that would be great. I’ve got a Branches → Bursts setup I use to introduce random ratchets anyway. Cheers.

Hello there and friendly greetings!

I don’t know why but when I saw your project I immediately thought of this:

So it is unavoidable for me to think about eventual logic gates and/or bernoulli gates. I don’t even know if those are suitable in the big scheme of your project or if they make any sense.

Anyway, the project itself sound really interesting. For the shared configuration I was thinking about github or some other similar ways, so that we can be reasonably sure they won’t turn off soon… :wink:

Interesting idea. I second @main.tenant ‘s suggestion and like your proposed response. Adding rests would also be interesting.

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There’s a hardware module that was recently announced that got me really excited. It does something similar in that it is synced to a real world clock and every day it generates a new rhythm – which is the same for every user across the world on that day. It’s called Pet Rock, check it out if you haven’t yet:


I did actually. That was part of the reason I dusted off this idea and decided to post it for feedback. I think Pet Rock sounds really cool. This would be like that but on steroids.


So I’ve been working on this module more and I’ve got an updated mockup of the panel. I just thought I’d share it and see if anyone had any comments :slight_smile: