Looking for docB theMatrix patching tips

I’m just fooling around with docB TheMatrix. I’m a bit disappointed that there is no black & green screen version available (see the movie) but I think it will fit nicely into my workflow.

Some practical questions though:

  • how does the REC (“recording”) work
  • how to feed CVX input that steps are in sync with a clock

Any nice lean solutions or patch examples?

Cheers, Andras

Here is a Rec example: thematrixrec

similar you can use the chords module (the polyphony should be set to one)

The CvX,CvY can be similar to C42 (see manual videos) fed with P16, P4, PXY (set size to 32) or RndH.

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OK, the REC feature is clear now. I also realized why I had a bunch of ‘P’ letters. :smiley: (My REC CV was unplugged and P=0 as the manual is saying it clearly.)

PXY seems to be answer I was looking for the CVX question.

OK I think I’m getting closer to my ideal solution…

Test ACC with theMatrix.vcvs (5.2 KB)