Looking for an interesting rhythm sequencer for Host

So now that Host can output Midi, I was wondering if there’s an interesting sequencer to try out. I’m not looking to sequence pitch but rather to sequence rhythmic elements.



I really like the HY plugins sequencers https://hy-plugins.com/ especially HY-MPS2

My absolute favourite rhythm sequencer is Patterning 2, but only have it on ipad so not sure if you can send the MIDI via rtpMIDI or similar.

A number of Kontakt instruments have fun MIDI sequencing outputs too like Soniccouture Konkrete.

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gee, @stoermelder , maybe you should port that to VCV :wink:

Yeah, this is a nice one but mostly for melodies, I guess. I’m looking for something for more rhythmic elements.

This one looks nice - HY-RPE2

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Would suggest Numerology and VCV Rack to use for this kind of request! You are free to ask for help here within this fantastic forum!

Why do you think that Omri, it is a note sequencer, you can use it for melodies and rhythm as well.

It is a very powerful free plugin by the way :slight_smile:

edit: doesn’t do repeats/ratchets per note though, if that is what you were looking for in a rhythmic sequencer.

Isn’t Numerology only available for mac? I think Omry is looking for win vst plugins.

here you can find some:

VST Plugins and VST3 Plugins for Windows Sequencer - Page 1 of 2 (kvraudio.com)

I started some preliminary testing of groove agent 5 , seems promising. but I couldn’t get it to sample directly yet , probably my fault as I don’t use it as much but with vcv it seems really useful and fun.

Well, from what I’ve seen, its magic is more for note probability and not for rhythms. I can use it for generating rhythms as well but I think that something dedicated to rhythms will have many more features specifically for rhythm generation.

For me the most powerful rhythm sequencer is Geist2. By far. 8 Engines with up to 64 Pads/Tracks (4x16), Each Engine has a 24 Pattern memory. Micro shift, probality, tune, length, FXs… there is nothing you can not control. Different swing und tempo per Engine. A lot of Pattern and Swing Presets. Plus you can use it a real sampler with slice function, midi export etc. Geist2 is more like a little DAW. And I like the fast and easy workflow of the sequencer. I tested Geist2 with the VCV Host Gate expander for hours now and it worked flawlessly. You should try the demo.

Geist 2 overview

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I also love the HY-Plugins Sequencers Seq2 and Coll. But I hardly use the MPS and the RPS.