Looking for a tiny step sequencer

Is there something like a small width (max 5 hp) single-row gate sequencer with 8 or 16 steps that can store multiple sequences?


Hmm it has all the functions and more, but that’s in no way a useable interface for quickly entering patterns during live use.

Perhaps the LEDSEQ by cf is what you are after (or its mirrored version)? It is 6HP.

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Hmm more something that would function like this:

What if you use several LEDSEQs in parallel, switching from one to another?
While editing one that is actually not in use?
Works great here!

Thats kind of what I want to avoid, creating 20 patterns would require 4 sq2’s, some switches and a lot of cables. I usually use stuff like foundry and use the pattern selector.

I could always create that small seq and add it to the Impromptu collection, it would be quite fast for me to make it, based on the code I already have in my other modules. And it’s supposed to rain tomorrow :slight_smile:

Kind of reminds me of this: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/noise-engineering-bin-seq


you never tried it using the numeric keypad

I was thinking about doing just that but first wanted to check if it already exists, as not to pollute the module library with duplicate modules.

Cool, if you want to make it and add it to your modules, please feel free. I share your ideology of avoiding duplicate modules, and since it was your idea and you’ve already made a sequencer, you’re surely well positioned to make it come to life :slight_smile: Cheers!

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LED SEQ is great, although I seem to recall it flickering a bit. :thinking: Maybe that’s fixed/fixable.