Looking for a simple polyphonic synth module

I need to hook up a lot of polyphonic patches to test my sequencers. It would simplify that task if I had a small and simple poly synth module. If there were a preset one that just lets you choose one of 10 patches it would be fine. Extra points if it lights up to show that it’s playing. If it sounds good, even better, but not required. Very important that it will make sound with a minimum of adjustment.

Geodesics ENERGY is 16-voice poly, and if you send your gate into the multiply input, it serves as a crude builtin VCA :slight_smile: If you mess with the momentum CV inputs, which are poly also, you could get different sounding voices out of the same module.




Synthetic, from SV Modular has polyphonic synths (two of them are semi-modular).


Eastside has 16 presets and 16 user patches.

They are all unique and have great sound. You can see Omri enjoying himself with them here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew1wD1XHhB0

More information is available here: https://svmodular.com/plugin/vcv/synthetic.html

oh, yeah, those look nice, if a little overkill for my needs. vcv store is wonky for me right now - what do they cost?

Does it only show results up to AS? Sorting by popularity seems to show all free. Probably work being done!

$15 for the 4 synths. cheap.

and yeah, the store does appear to be down at the moment. I emailed @vortico directly about it as well.

What do you mean with “wonky”

yes, that is a good price :wink:

wonky -> only showing me one page of plugins. If I sort by popularity I see a lot of free ones, but still don’t see the SV synths.

also wonky in that you can’t login currently (maybe only if you have purchases?) and there are errors with the Shopify data loading (hence the paid modules not showing up).

preparation for VCV for DAW???

wishfull thinking :wink:

btw. Vult Basal and Bleak are polyphonic too


From Facebook: The VCV Store will be down for the remainder of the day while we migrate to an alternate payment system. You will still be able to add free plugins and sync/update plugins you have previously purchased.