Looking for a Polyphonic signal delay module


While pitch quantizating polyphonic midi-in notes, I ran into a classic problem: pitch quantization introduces a short delay and the corresponding midi gate signal should be delayed slightly to compensate that. Usually, the Sample Delay module is perfect for that but it doesn’t support polyphony yet. I couldn’t find something equivalent with polyphonic support. Any idea?

Thank you!

maybe it’s a dumb idea… but what if you tried to “quantize” the gate signal ?
You would get the exact same delay i suppose

Bacon Pauls Sampdelay is polyphonic !



Thank you! I’m feeling dumb, because Bacon Pauls’s SampDelay was exactly the module I failed to make polyphonic. I’ve just tested it again and it works perfectly. Ha well! :relieved: Thanks a lot to you both!

@Olival_Clanaro : that was an interesting trick too, thanks!