looking for a module to display pitch

I want to see the “pitch” of a CV, in text like “A#”, etc… I’ll bet there are a zillion modules that will do this - what’s a good one? Extra credit for polyphonic.

Impromptu FourView?

oh, nice! tx. I think the found inputs are monophonic? But that’s fine.

If you attach a poly cable to port 1, up to 4 notes will be displayed. I often use a SPLIT and feed 3 or 4 FOUR-VIEWs during patch development.

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There is a settings menu option to turn on “Allow poly in 1 to override”.

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If you need it more like a…Tuna…

NYSTHI HotTuna (Note+Oct in Text with a tuner needle)

And/or more aimed towards CV calibration

NYSTHI Tunathor

Mono…but you can run as many copies in parallel as your system allows for.

Or use just one and a switch/router to feed it inputs…

CountModula Switch16To1 ((Knob/CV controllable)

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oh, I use the nysthi tunas all the time!

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