looking for a module that have multi gate ON/OFF by midi message?

Is there a module that has GATE + V/oct input + many output ports Gate + V/oct

So that it can send it to several oscillators / Vcv HOST… but only to one at a time and it is controlled by midi messages?

What I want to do in short is: use some VCV HOST to load multiple VST instruments To play them live… and send 1 gate + 1 v/oct through MIDI messages for one of the HOST modules

I think what I want is like a mixer, that can let me to add the gate+V/oct and send them to one of the HOST modules at a time … through the midi message

Any ideas are welcome.

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Chew on this, you can even use PW :wink:

In this case I use the numpad to choose 1 to 4.

Choose a Host.vcvs (7.9 KB)

Here is a selection.


Oh man that’s too much :heart_eyes::heart: Thank You Times a Million Yeager You saved my day. :+1::+1::+1:

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If you sent the gate and v/Oct through mutes then to all of the voices you could use latch to turn and off voices (adds option to play multiple voices at the same time)

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How would you connect the mutes?
Could you upload an example patch?

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Make sure mute8 has latching cv triggers set to true in the right click menu.