Looking for a module like the Abstract Data Octocontroller

Hello VCV Freaks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m looking for a module like the ‘Abstract Data Octocontroller’ hardware module? I need loopable S&H, and loopable random triggers.

Thanks in advance, Josep

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The Turing Machine is similar to that- a 16 step looped shift register with various binary trigger generators. Mutable Instruments Marbles also does a similar thing but is more advanced, it has different trigger generation modes and more control over the random voltages.

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Thank you Jaiden.

I like TM for V/Oct and Triggers too, but I don’t find it that useful for CV control of parameters. Correct me if I’m wrong, the TM outputs values from 0V to 10V or so, but an LFO or S&H usually goes from +5V to -5V, right?

I’ll try with Marbles. I always get lost with MI modules, I mean they are not straight forward as I like.

You can just offset your unipolar (0-10v) signal to bipolar (±5v), or am I missing something?

ShapeMaster has 8 channels with powerful randomisation controls which can generate stepped or smooth CV (quantised or not) or random gates and it’s all loopable of course.

With an atenuverter, right?

Yeah! That’s pretty the same I was looking for, here the problem is that it is not outputting random values till you loop it in some rate like 4 16th notes, or whatever. Furthermore the syncable is not free. Great module though.

Marbles is a lot more simple than most MI modules, it’s a lot like a Turing machine but with extra outputs.

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Yeah, this is the most acurate solution. And also use an Slew Limiter to get all the CV variation between two values.

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