Looking for a graphic designer

Hello everyone!

I am developing modules for VCV. I have some modules almost finished. Sequencers, utilities a sampler.
I would like to find someone who can help me with the design of the panels. I know how to use Inkscape but I have really bad taste for graphics.
I am planing on releasing the modules and code for free on the plugin manager/github. So you have to be ok with that.


hello 6u…

I m not a graphic designer, but I m getting a lot of experience drawing vcv racks modules thanks to Vult and designing my own modules using Hora Geco.

However I m available if you not find someone best :slight_smile:


What do you have so far in terms of modules? Any ideas of what direction you want the panel designs to go? May be willing to help out.

David I really like the look of your panels. You are a talented artist!

Somegeezer I have 3 modules ready, 2 sequencers and a adder. I have a to finish a drum sampler but I am still thinking about the interface.

I have tried some designs on Inkscape but I don’t really like them. That is why I am looking for help.



Actually, I like how your modules look, perhaps designing custom parts to give it its own personality…

If you agree I can make a try to design some parts and and make some proposal about the design.

staring from that design I can do something, and if you have some references that help us (eurorack modules or electronics parts) will be nice

I think they look fine! I’d certainly use them. Remember that you can improve them in a later release.

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For my taste they look fine and would sit nicely with many of the other modules and to me that’s important but often overlooked.

My only criticism would be the display font used, it seems to clash with the nice clean designs and doesn’t really enhance the usability.

Your logo looks great with it though. A little bit goes a long way.

Everything is subjective though and down to personal taste but good job I’d say.

As others are saying, you have a pretty good start already. Having a bit more consistency over the range would help. You have a few different typefaces going on, where just 1 or 2 and using them the same way on each module would bind them together.

Some custom knobs might help you out, too.

You may even think about keeping a similar background colour, but not needed. I’m always a fan of the dark grey, though your greyish blue one might be a really good colour to give your modules your own personality.

I would at the least recommend a logo for your “brand” of modules to be put on all of them.

If I have some time in the next few days, I’ll see if I can put an idea together. But I would heavily push you to try it yourself, as you’re already on the right track. =]

I’d have to agree here the three modules look like they’re made from different developers.

Keeping things consistent is the only sure way of making the user feel comfortable.

I like the colour of the sumator panel, but not the font. The font on the 3rd module is nice and clear but has inconsistencies with letter sizes, which messes with the flat design. The font on the first is not bad also, but the “R”, “P”, bold letters and module name are hard to read.

You have to remember the brain loves symmetry on the 3rd module you have “RANGE” “TRANSPOSE” I would probably shorten this to “TRANS” for symmetry or maybe “PITCH”. Also on the range parameter I would probably get rid of the in between numbers and use 0 - 5 - 10 or just 0 - 10 (your brain does the rest) the letters here are fairly small.

The material design is a good reference to how to balance color, type and iconography.


Thanks for the feedback guys! Hopefully I can have the modules ready soon.

great, let me know if are you still needing help

I have sent you a dm.

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Here is a super simple mockup of something that could work. Just some design ideas slapped onto this thing. Feel free to use it as inspiration, or go another direction entirely. But it should help you look into keeping things consistent, at least.


There is a tooltip in v1 so you can get away with not naming some things if it hinders design space :wink:

Would not recommend using tooltips as a fallback. That’s just bad panel design.


no, but as a last resort abbreviating the panel could be better explained in the tooltip.

Hey 6U - I’d love to help you with the designs. Send me an email and bwalowitz (at) gmail.com. We’ll chat about that the modules do and how best to brand/ design them. Thanks!

Hi, I’m a UX designer I’ve just released a UI library for VCV Rack module developers in order to make the design job easy for you guys, you can find it here:

Also you can contact me if you still need some advice to put the pieces together.
Wilmer (Almanacs)


They look great Wilmer! Awfully close to the Fundamental faceplates designed by Grayscale though.

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