Looking for a CV monitor

Occasionally I want to monitor the CV values. VCV Scope does provide this information but my eyes aren’t that sharp.

I really don’t need more than this but is there anything with large glowing numbers? Some NYSTHI module maybe?

Something like Volt Meter ?


Thank you @Extratone it is what I need.

ML Modules somehow never caught my attention. :flushed:


There is also this from JW :


Actually it’s even better. Thanks @Yeager

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I made one extra large using anim-gifs of nixie tubes - it displays 00.0000 to 10.0000 - I didn’t need +/- or decimal point. The LFO is just there to generate an input CV for demonstration.

Which frame of the animation to display is controlled by 0-10V CV for each digit to the computerscare modules, so I needed a LUA Script to break down the CV to single digits. I used the numeric value, and did the calculations - you might as well have used some string functions. the update fequency is set to 1Hz - that can be changed in this line
local periodNSamples = 1 / sampleTime

my vcv patch nixie-cv.vcv (1.4 KB)
link to a nixie gif
the lua script: nixiesynth.lua.txt (1.6 KB)

You could use Nysthi bignumbers instead of Computerscare custom blanks.
You have to build WrongPeopleVCV for rack 2.x from source to use the LUA script.


I recommend these two from NYSTHI as well:


Yep - MultiVoltimetro is my goto CV monitoring utiltiy. One nice feature is you can plug a poloyphonic cable into input #1 and it shows the values of all the channels. Plus the option to display min/max, including a reset button, is really helpful.