Looking for a basic switch with buttons

It’s so basic. There should be multiple modules like this in the library I just can’t find them.

Could you please recommend something like this? (With buttons. please.)


What exactly do you want to do with those buttons?

This might be overkill, but thought I would mention it just in case:


This one also from Bogaudio ?

or this from VCV

There are others


Yeah, and there is an ‘Exclusive switching’ mode in the context menu of SWITCH81 to restrict output to one active channel.

For the MUTES module by VCV, there is a version by Bogaudio that in addition to the buttons also allows switching by CV: MUTE8

Just to clarify this is the setup I use at the moment. (With the “exclusive switching” settings! :slight_smile: ) And this is the one I want to reduce and replace:


Emphasizing the buttons in the topic title was probably misleading. Having pre-defined CVs on the various buttons would also help me to get rid of the additional modules providing the CVs.

Just one button, but useful for all kinds of things.

Little Utils Button.

The best thing about it is the name, which is easy to remember when you’re looking for in your library.

Another one I like is Sapphire’s Moots.

When an in/out pair is deselected, it behaves as if the cable(s) on the o/p is unplugged (not simply a 0V o/p), which is somewhat different from other switches.


Sounds like you’re looking for a Serge stye “programmer”. The Nysthi Programmer does exactly this but it’s huge.

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Yes good idea all the other solutions will be much bigger… and here is another one :


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Bog audio PGMR is quite useful, like a mini Serge Programmer.

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My Buttons module has buttons.

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one of my favourites because it’s converter as well