Lomas Modules 1.0.8

I updated my plugin Lomas Sampler.


Updated envelopes. Fixed a bug when loading a new folder. Maybe fixed a bug when recording samples on mac. Lower CPU usage.

I will send the update to the library in some days. If you want to test it download it at https://github.com/LomasModules/LomasModules/releases/tag/v1.0.8


thanks! I’ve noticed before that in the Gate Sequencer choosen method of reset (right click menu) doesn’t save its state when the patch was been closed. Can you fix this too? I’ve just found something like default reset mode = 0 in your code and change to = 1 and it works for me, but maybe will not always work for other users. Thanks!

Thank you Lomas. You seem to have solved my / the DC offset bug and all the samples play now without weird clicks :+1: The Module grew a bit in size 2hp? but that is not a problem, the old patches will load even with the bigger skin.

But… the “new” sampler does not reload the “old” settings, none of the buttons/knobs are recalled and none of the samples. Was it your intention not to make this, as we windows users say/know/love, “Backward Compatible” ?

You use mode 1? I was going to remove that option but i will keep it & fix it.

There is a discusion on VCV Github about how sequencers in VCV should handle reset.

Mode 0 is how VCV sequencers should work. The sequencer resets instantly. Then ignores clock signals for a milisecond to avoid a “bug” you must have seen. The first step is not played.

Mode 1 is how it works in the Nord Modular. The sequencer resets at the next clock signal, not when getting the reset pulse.

I love the “next clock input” setting on the gate sequencer it does exactly what I want.:+1:

“Instant” skips the first beat , so which one is 1 and which one is 0 ?

Sorry about that Yeager.

I did not think about preset compatibility when doing then update. Is something to keep in mind for the future. It may be possible to do something before pushing the update to the library. But I am not sure. I am not used to this things sorry.

Instant is how a classic modular hardware sequencers works and how Vortico says VCV sequencers should work.

Next clock input is the Nord modular way. I put it because it works better for me when I used with Valleys Topograph.

Next version the VCV way will be the default mode and the module will save the user option.

That would be nice :grinning:

So my favourite sequencer setting is NOT the vcv Vortico way…:thinking: But the Next clock will be selectable right ?

Mac version anyone please?

I uploaded a new version to Github.

The sequencer now saves the reset mode.

In Sampler I implemented something to mask the clicks when rettrigering samples.

I don’t have a mac so I can’t compile it. I will post it on the Facebook group to see if anyone can do it.


These are really well done and a nice addition to the library. Thanks!