Lomas Gate Sequencer - Help


I’m experimenting with the Lomas Gate Sequencer and I like how small it is and how you can store different patterns and alternate between (it’s just missing a way to switch between them with triggers, although I know I can CV-MAP to solve this).

Anyway, I’m having trouble trying to understand the Edit Page section and I can’t find a manual. Does anyone know how this is used?

Thank you so much, Cheers

EDIT: This thread is in the wrong section of the forum. Sorry. If some mod can move it to the Plugins & Modules category, I would be thankful.

I got an answer from the developer and I get it now.

By default the patterns are only 16 step long, but it can be up to 64 steps.

The edit page button lets you change what part of the pattern you are editing.

To set the length of the sequence to 32 steps click on the page 2 and hold the last button on the sequencer, it will turn red.

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