LOL "Has your question been answered?"

I get this every time i post to my music thread. No my question has not been answered! :grin:



If it asked, “Has your answer been questioned?”, I would have to answer “Yes, my answer has been questioned”. :wink:


It’s the punch line to that old joke. “But you don’t understand! My dogs name is has you question been answered!”

In these days of pandemic induced supply chain problems, I am always taken aback when the grocery store checkout clerk asks me “Did you find everything okay today”. No, I did not find everything okay today! But if I say that, they just look puzzled that I answered their rhetorical question with a non-rhetorical answer. Nothing is accomplished so now I just say “More or less”, a meaningless answer as it is always less rather than more.

I posted a request in the Forum Feedback - I asked if the solved option could be disabled in the Music & Patches category. Lo and behold - Andrew quickly responded and made the change!