Log in button not displayed in Rack

Hi all – I completed registration on vcvrack.com and got my login, but when I enter the login/password in the upper right corner of the app, I don’t see any Enter/Submit button and there seems to be no response to the Enter/Return key either. I’ve tried combining witn Alt, Ctl, Shift to no avail.

Is there some basic step I’m missing to get the app to accept my login?


In the app you just enter your Email and your password and hit the log in button


Thanks @rsmus7, I did eventually find it. Something is odd with the rendering in small screens: I can’t get it to show on my laptop, but I connected a bigger external screen and got the button. I’m all set!

A workaround is to set the DPI/scale of your screen (using Windows’ display settings) to a lower value, reopen Rack, log in, and set the DPI back to its original value.