Lockdown VCV Module Dev Camp

Hi there all, there was talk a while ago of some of the Euro devs getting together for a weekend codefest. Wouldn’t it be nice if this Corona mess resulted in a bunch of creative new modules? Devs could stream, I’m happy to try and design module graphics and/or documentation and offer support in any way I can. Maybe even watching over someone’s shoulder might be enough to give me a kick in the pants and dust off my dusty coding skills. Anyone keen?

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yes. im not a developer but would definitely like to see this happen.

If you go to the VCV Discord server (https://vcvrack.com/manual/Communities), you can voice chat, video stream, and screen share at any time.


I’m in! I think collaborative plugin development could lead to better/faster coding with less effort. I’m always searching for someone to split the work with.

i’m not in europe, but something like this might help me to get coding again

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