Load multiple modules at once

I remember seeing a shortcut for loading multiple selected modules from the module browser, but can’t seem to find it. Does anybody know what it is?


Ah, it’s ctrl+alt+shift+F2, but looks like it loads ALL the modules in the browser, which is odd. When I ctrl+left-click modules in the browser I can highlight modules individually, I thought it would only load the ones I selected, but it’s loading everything. Is that how it’s supposed to work?

When you CTRL+left click you add modules to your favourites the yellow selection means it’s a favourite

You are not selecting anything that way.

The ctrl+alt+shift+F2 combination will drop everything you SEE in the MB into your patch, so you have to be careful and make a selection that will not result in 100 of modules. F.I. “Bog mixer”

Ok, yea that seems like an odd way of doing it. Only being able to load multiple modules to ALL the filter and search results is a really limiting way of using the browser. And restricting ctrl+click to adding/removing favorites seems redundant when there’s a right-click menu to do that.

It would make more sense if ctrl+click acted as a selection, and then you could either add them to favorites with the menu, or load them into the project with a hotkey.

I think I’ll send a feature request to support:

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I think the ctrl+alt+shift+F2 combination was only included for developers to load their modules all at once.

Don’t think it’s meant to be used by users.

Good luck with the feature request :+1:

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Ah ok, that makes sense. Thanks for your help!

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