Live vocal audio processing

Hi all, I’m trying to figure out how to process my voice in real time for a few different things. I’ve managed to sing chords tonight using multiple HTCIPs by Bidoo; any other suggestions for pitch shifters?

My big question is: Is it’s possible to process my voice to slow it down in realtime, like going into slow motion? For instance, you can alter the playback speed of a sample in Simpliciter, but only with a pre-recorded sample. Is it possible to achieve the same effect in but in realtime? All I’ve managed so far is to delay the signal and pitch shift it down to achieve a sort of slow-mo but I’d love to get that same glissando sound of gradually turning the playback speed knob down.

I don’t know if this is even a thing but I hope it makes sense.

This is absolutely a thing. I can’t sing for *&^% but create a lot of effects patches for processing guitar, which is the same in principle!

What you want is granular, basically. VCV doesn’t have a really good pitch shifter yet, but try Audible Instruments Texture Synth (Clouds in Eurorack hardware). Ideally if you have a MIDI controller, map that to the hold function, and map some knobs to the size and position controls, that allows you to scrub through the buffer creating the timestretch effect in realtime. Also look at VoxGlitch GrainFX and some of the Path Set collections. Ice Tray and Sifter are both good granular processors, and if you can afford any paid modules get Panther Cap, which allows you to change both pitch and speed in realtime:

It goes without saying that Omri has a video on this, and I also made a dodgy tutorial with a patch you can download, which will probably sound terrible on vocals. It would be interesting to hear the results though!


Thank you for this, it sounds really cool! I’ll have a mess around with this and let you know how it goes :slight_smile: