Little help for buttons (Solved)

Hi people, I am continuing in the shadows to develop my collection, I just finished a sequencer, which works almost perfectly, has a very small problem: the buttons, all the buttons, Run, Reset and the 8 Gates, must be pressed twice to work. Two clicks to turn on the sequencer, two clicks to turn it off, two clicks to reset it, two clicks to activate the steps and two clicks to deactivate them. I can’t understand where I went wrong, also because I exploited the SEQ-3 code, if it works there, why not with me? The only difference between the two sequencers is that I forgot the time modulation input, but it shouldn’t have anything to do with the buttons.

I tried various forms: configButton, configParam, configSwitch, with and without added parameters, absolutely nothing changes. :thinking:

Edit: I rebuilt the module from scratch, I don’t even know how but I solved the problem on the Run and Reset buttons. Gate buttons still malfunction.

Last edit: since now at least two buttons are working fine, I tried to identify how they are different from the others, and solved: I used the VCVLightLatch instead of the VCVLightButton, I thought it was the same, since I used the LightLatch in other modules without this problem.

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