List of modules fully supporting polyphony?

Is there a list of modules that support polyphony at present time? Or the inverse, a list of modules that are NOT polyphonic in VCV rack 1.1.0?

Although it takes some data processing, all the data is here.

If you are not averse to the command line, this rough and ready jq command will output a JSON document listing all the modules in the library repository tagged as polyphonic.

Clone the VCV Rack Library Git repository, navigate to the manifests folder in the repository, then run this command:

jq -s '[ .[] | {brand_and_or_name : (if .brand != null then (if .brand == .name then .brand else .brand + " - " + .name end) else .name end), polyphonic_modules : [.modules[] | select((.tags[] | ascii_downcase) == "polyphonic")] | [.[].name] | sort | unique} | select(.polyphonic_modules? | length > 0) ]' ./*.json

The grouping per “brand” is scrappy, as many brands are spread out over multiple manifest files and, of course, this will only list modules which have been tagged as polyphonic and are actually in the library repository. And you’ll need jq installed. :slight_smile:

Side note: I learnt a lot about jq doing this. :smiley:

Edit: And here’s the command to list the “non-polyphonic” ones:

jq -s '[ .[] | {brand_and_or_name : (if .brand != null then (if .brand == .name then .brand else .brand + " - " + .name end) else .name end), non_polyphonic_modules : [.modules[] | select((.tags[] | ascii_downcase) != "polyphonic")] | [.[].name] | sort | unique} | select(.non_polyphonic_modules? | length > 0) ]' ./*.json
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This might help![0]=Polyphonic


Thanks, Andrew.