Linux: unable to select frame rate

Hi :grin:,

I’d like to reduce the frame rate to 20Hz as this greatly improves performance. I tried this on windows and it works on my linux-notebook, but on my desktop it just shows 0 Hz in the menu (see screenshot below). I’m running Lubuntu 21.04 with a dual monitor setup (nvidia-460/xinerama enabled), maybe that’s the the cause of all evil. I know there are a lot of linux users here, anyone got this problem (and a solution)?

Thanks in advance :blush:


Hi Nils, I know, this doesn’t solve Your problem, but maybe it helps a bit to localize it.

I’m running Ubuntu Studio 20.10 on a dual monitor, and a (ok, very old) NVIDIA GeForce 285 GPU system and I can see and select the Frame Rate values from 60Hz down to 10Hz.

Björn Spindel / libstrangle · GitLab works. I have to use it else rack renders at like 6000 fps and that works about as poorly as you’d think.