Linux system installation

Hello the INSTALL textfile didn’t work on Gentoo Linux and i think there has to be the following steps to do

edit by user ~/.bashrc

# Put your fun stuff here.
#export PATH=$PATH:<path/to/dir>
#for example
export RACK_SYSTEM_DIR='/home/usr/Rack2Pro'
export XDG_DATA_HOME='/home/usr/.local/share'

next important part copy or symlink Rack2Pro/Rack to /usr/bin and Rack2Pro/ to /usr/lib64

that’s because a normal usr dir is not scanned for executeable files or start in this way from bash cd /home/USER/Rack2Pro && ./Rack

or digg deeper an declare somewhere that the system can find this executeable files

NEXT point downloaded plugins are under ~/.Rack2 and the new Location ~/.local/… OKAY BUT why are the saved Patches, selections, recordings in that directory ? this is a hidden directories

should be under i.e. ~/Musik/Rack2/…

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I feel the same way about the .Rack2 directory. It’s a weird default for Linux to have a directory name start with a . when it contains the user’s documents (not just configuration settings like one would traditionally expect).

When I open a patch, I have to go into a hidden directory to find it, which slows me down, because I have to either manually type in the folder name or right-click in XFCE to enable “Show hidden files”.

However, it is possible to change the location of your user folder to anywhere you want, using the environment variable RACK_USER_DIR.

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Patches, selections, and recordings are saved wherever you choose to save them, using the save dialog. If you want to save them elsewhere, simply navigate to your desired folder.

Contact VCV Support if you encounter an issue with VCV Rack. Be sure to include the steps you took so we can reproduce the issue on our own machines.