linux qwerty kbd is monophonic

I am asuming this is a problem with Ubuntu not vcv, anyone have a solution to polyize my qwerty keyboard? running 18.04

This has come up before. That’s often a limitation of the physical keyboard,

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My keyboard behaves as a poly controller

  • ubuntu 20.04
  • redragon K552 keyboard
  • set VCV Midi-CV to use 4 poly channels
  • plug v/oct into vcv oscilator, gate into vcv ADSR and vcv ADSR into VCV VCA.

Working perfect to me, make sure yo have enable poly voices in the midi module (right mouse button menu) and select a number of voices different to one

I had the same issue when playing a game in Ubuntu mate 18.04 a while ago, that’s an OS problem. You can enable multi key presses somewhere, i don’t remember , but you can probably find it by googling, either a toggle in the Parameters, or by a command line command :slight_smile: Hope this helps !

D’OH: enabling poly voices seems to make a big difference