Links in Forum Posts?

I’ve lately been trying to add a link to any mention I make of a module to the page for that module in the Rack Library. Does anyone care?

I am a write in addition to being a software engineer and musician, so I’m interested in what the best way to discuss music software in general and VCVRack in particular. Every time I say ‘I used X module to do Y’ I wonder how much information people need to understand what I’m talking about. Linking to the Library page means I don’t have to keep repeating the plugin name.

I also try to tag module writers like @synthi and @stoermelder and @almostEric so they know what lies I’m telling about them. :grinning:

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I love your lies, please keep going :rofl:

It depends on the context. If someone is asking general module questions (ie. “hey, what would be a great s&h”) then links with information are a great way to introduce someone to something. I’m not sure that’s necesarry all the time though.

As for lies, please stop going into cat graveyards at night. It’s unsanitary.