Linear-phase EQ

Does anyone know of any steep linear-phase EQs available as VCV modules?

not as a vcv module, but you might try loading one as vst in host. No idea how that will work out with latency tho’ tbh…

for context - why do you want to use linear phase eq’s in vcv rack?

I’m going to guess - mixing/mastering in VCV?

I’d like to try out various musical experiments with resynthesis and pitch shifting. Having a steep linear EQ would give me the base ingredient to split out frequency bands. I can then mangle, shift, etc. Kind of like a simple, accessible, single band of an FFT.

I do have EQs I can load in the hosts module, but it’s not a “Rack” way of working. Modulating individual bands etc. is a lot of work, and I want to work with many at a time.

Have you tried the Bogaudio PEQ-14 for this?
Maybe it could work.

This is a good module, but the filters need to be linear-phase. If the phase changes as the filter gets steeper then surrounding frequencies are disturbed making it difficult to get a clean extraction of different tones.

Linear phase EQs introduce quite a bit of latency (in a DAW context anything from 2-20ms) and can be really CPU intensive. I am not sure that it would work in a „live performing“ context like VCV. But if you’re running a generative patch I guess that’s something you could live with? Maybe there’s a more efficient way to do the band splitting that you want to achieve. How many bands are we talking about?

You are right about the latency, but wrong about the cpu usage. There are plenty of fft based modules in VCV. They seem to work fine.

Latency is OK for my uses. I’d like to do 8-10 bands per group, with up to 12 groups (processing in semitones + octaves)