Linear Frequency Shifter?

Is there a module that does linear frequency shift?

Might want to check SquinkyLabs Bootyshifter, perhaps that one?

Sorry, doesn’t do the job as I expect it.

What did you expect ?

something that does a linear frequency shift like the Frequency Shifter in Ableton Live. I couldn’t get SquinkyLabs Bootyshifter to work that way.

Maybe I don’t understand the linear part of the shifting, but Bootyshifter ads/subtracts X-hz to/from the original signal like the Ableton shifter ( add an LFO to the CV and you’re almost there except the ringmod) :

Surge FreqShift. I haven’t tested it, and there is no description, but maybe it’s what you are looking for.

check the STKPitchShifter too

Surge and Squinky labs are both very good frequency shifters. Perhaps this person is looking for what is properly called a “pitch shifter”. A pitch shifter will shift by semitones, keeping things “in tune”. A frequency shifter shifts by hertz, making everything “out of tune”.

The Surge one only shifts ±10Hz, yours has a much larger range :+1:

Thanks, this comes closest to what I’m looking for. :+1:

thanks! Yeah, I think the “UX” of mine i better (since I copied it from the Moog/Bode). But the technical performance of the Surge is … better? :wink:

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I would love a proper pitch shifter for feeding guitar through in rack. Unfiltered Audio have a pitch shifting delay, which is a paid module and not what you need but pretty good. Also not helpful, but the Surge shifter makes some absolutely mental FX if you stick the feedback up and modulate everything. I’ve found Booty Shifter is better for more subltle chorus type sounds. All depends what you are trying to do…

STK Pitch Shifter isn’t linear. It just transposes the incoming signal entirely.