Library never updates, but it thinks it has downloaded

I know I’m not the only person, because I’ve found a number of identical posts online. I have added my first module subscriptions. I close and restart the program. There is a red dot over the library tab. I click “Update all.” I instantly get a box telling me that all modules have been downloaded, and I should close and re-launch Rack to install the updates. I click “okay,” and Rack closes automatically. I relaunch the program. There is a red dot over the library tab. Nothing has changed. I repeat the process, interspersed by frantic googling. Hours go by.

The other people seem to have settled on a workaround of deleting their [Rack]/plugins-v1 folder, and then when they restart the program everything reloads and settles down. I’m using Fedora 34, and I don’t have a .Rack/plugins-v1 folder. So I made one. Nothing has changed.

I am open to any and all suggestions, as I’ve finally outgrown my basic set of modules after a couple of months and I’ve only got a few hours per week set aside to make music. Today was supposed to be a big step forwards and instead I just feel stupid. I can’t even do a basic task without making a forum post.

Not a linux user myself but not having a plugins folder implies that the install didn’t go right.

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The problem was completely mine. I had followed the installation instructions that I had found online here:

The truth is that the installation method outlined in this article are completely unnecessary. You can just download directly from the VCV Rack website and everything works perfectly. Tested on Fedora and Pop_OS. I was making things harder than they needed to be. My bad.