Library Management in Rack 2.1.2?

I’m seeking tips for managing the your rack library… I’m thinking out loud here…

I do like having a lot of the plugins installed, it allows me to open other users patches without fail. Not sure what the downsides to this would be other than stability, memory usage and software load time…

But then again, i’d like to reduce my library down to a couple hundred modules or something like this. But i’m not finding the way to see what modules I have installed and manage them in a single place. From what i’m seeing i can right click in the browser and “see module in library”… then remove it there. but then again i’m missing the ability to load other peoples patches.

Would be cool to have another way to filter other than favorites… like an exclude from view or making my own categories.

I’m thinking one of the best ways might be just to use the Category filters and select my favorites from those categories. Then when i’m in browser mode, i use the categories filter + favorites to quickly find my favorite modules.

What are other other people doing to manage their libraries? Might be helpful to see some peoples favorites list or other tips and tricks related library management on the current version of Rack 2.1.2. Thanks in advance!

Yeah, managing the library is a bit too messy and cumbersome. I think for now what you have is the Favorite feature combined with tags and searching, which works well, and then completely removing plugins where you see no modules you’ll ever use.

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Yeah I thought about it quite a bit as I was organizing my favorites… my selection is getting a lot smaller quickly. So it’s not that so overwhelming really after just doing that.

Not sure if it’s cumbersome but it’s definetly overwhelming when you got 2000 modules installed.

For me I had to have some time with everything. then several months later I know exactly which modules I want to be using. So it’s a process of me learning what’s available and then filtering it down just with the favorites. Will see how it goes!

Ultimately it’s a great problem to have! Lots of stuff to choose from.

you are actually able to evaluate 2500 modules in a finite amount of time? That’s nice, but I’m somewhat skeptical.

lol… of course not but i’m able to find the ones that do what I’m looking for. :smiley:

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