Library issue causes crash - v2.3.0 (am I alone?)

Hello, today March 18th 2023 @ 11:30AM (GMT+1) I can’t access to VCV Library, either from web browser (502 Bad Gateway) and from VCV Rack standalone, Windows 10. Probably a server maintenance (assuming it’s normal).

But, from VCV Rack 2.3.0 (standalone, Windows 10), logged out.

As soon as I try to login (by using my credentials), sometimes - I mean, often - during “Loggin in…” message display (just below password input box, right-side of menu), VCV Rack 2 crashes, even if the rack is empty, no autosave. Same behavior from a fresh Rack2 configuration (after moving “Rack2” subdirectory, elsewhere).

Am I alone?


Yes, is down right now. It happens occasionally, probably due to maintenance. Try again in a couple of hours and it’ll be up, I’m sure.

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Lars, I admit/accept the server downs (for maintenance), but VCV Rack crashes if the server doesn’t reply (no everytime, but often). It displays “Loggin in…” for two-three seconds, then instead to display “No server response from server”, VCV Rack crashes, litteraly. Is it normal? :grinning: (in fact => :roll_eyes:)

At least, I’m not alone about server down. Thanks for your report.

Just tried. In my Rack I’m already logged in. In the library menu it says querying for updates… for a long time and then gives up. But I can use Rack just fine, no crashes, can place modules and make sounds. But if you’re not logged in in Rack, and try and log in, I don’t know, maybe it crashes. If it does report it to (when the site has come back up).

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If you log out first, then log in => potential crashes.

At the moment, logged out, I can use Rack too, can place modules, can load .vcv patch files, and so on.

Crashes occur on login attempts.

I’ll send a mail to support, I’ve recorded a small video (private YT) about the CTD.

1 Like is up again and there’s connection to the library. You should be able to login in Rack again.

Yep I’ve seen (since many minutes), thanks anyway!

Rack 2 Pro is now logged. But I’ve reported the issue (when the server is/are down, logout, then login attemps MAY cause CTDs, like the video shows). It’s a bug in Rack 2 (unfortunately, it’s not the lone major bug in Rack 2).

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