LFO variations

slow_lfo.vcv (1.3 KB)

running Rack-2.git.219bbaf1-win.exe, 48kHz sample rate

  • LFO-1 freq 0.1 Hz
  • LFOMULTIPHASE freq 0.1 Hz
  • Identical settings on EDGE and CLOCKABLEDELAY.

The readout is stable after 30-40 sec.

Why is the time between ticks not the same ? (10.000 is correct). Am I missing something obvious ?

88.2 kHz sample rate

96 kHz sample rate

You could try putting a scope on the outputs of the LFOs to see what the difference in the signals is. I thought this could be due to Gibbs effect but the documentation says there’s no antialiasing on the Fundamental LFO outputs.

Thank you, I didn’t think of that - well I tried but couldn’t find a good storage scope in VCV.

I recorded both LFO’s in Tenacity, the squares have no ramp or ringing i can see in 24bit 48kHz

Here’s a leading edge from LFO-1 (the others look the same)

I guess the timing calculations in LFO-1 are just wrong - I have mailed support@vcvrack.com about it.

The Submarine HS-101 is a single channel storage scope. Being single channel its not so useful for comparing things, but it might help

My bad, I didn’t build your modules for v2-beta yet.

There’s a v2 branch in github repo.

Thank you very much.

slow_lfo.vcv (2.0 KB)

from:	VCV Support <support@vcvrack.com>
date:	7 Nov 2021, 10:28

Hi Jens,

Thanks for the bug report. This is due to VCV LFO using a float32 for a phase accumulator. In the future, it will use a float64 phase accumulator.

Andrew Belt VCV https://vcvrack.com/

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