LFO that goes from ~0.003Hz to ~120hz

I’m having trouble finding an LFO that can go from extremely low frequency (around 0.003Hz) to aprox 120hz without having to push a “slow” button or anything like that. is there a module that can do this in a smooth knob turn without any extra steps

the bog xco seems to do it when in “slow” mode, but i’m not sure it will work for me as the other bog modules only work for me when i turn “smoothing” on, which the xco does not seem to offer

ShapeMaster goes from quite a lot slower to a lot faster than that and it can display cycle length in Hz. it goes from 0.56 milliHertz (0.00056Hz ) up to 1.8kHz in one smooth knob turn.

You could use a controller like a Vult Knobs and another channel of ShapeMaster to invert and remap the voltage from Knobs to the range you want.

In the grabs below, SM Channel 1 is the LFO. Channel 2 is the remapper which allows you to use the full range of the Vult Knob to control the LFO speed. With the control knob fully left, the LFO is at 0.003Hz. At fully right it is at 120Hz. Stoermelder uMap maps the CV to the channel 1 cycle length.

Or you could do the control and remapping of range with PatchMaster - although it’s a little harder to get exact min\max freq values using PatchMaster’s mapping range sliders.


it stops at 50 Hz, but with x10 setting you can go up to 500 Hz . on the same setting it accepts 0.0003 that becomes 0.003 Hz


The Befaco Pony VCO has an LFO mode that goes down to ~0.0023 Hz (maybe lower). I had it full counter-clockwise with -1.3 V applied to the V/Oct input. And at full clockwise + 10V applied to the V/Oct input it goes to ~4kHz. With ~11.3V it got to over 10kHz.

In VCO mode I got down to as low as ~0.004 Hz

The VCO mode is anti-aliased. The LFO mode is not.

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