LFO and Keeping Volume Above 0

I have an lfo connected to the Volume input on a mixer to adjust the volume to create fade in and outs. Volume moves nicely up and down. Problem is that I don’t want to volume to go all the way to 0. Want I want is for the volume to fade in and out, between 25% and 90% of the max volume for that input. Any ideas how to achieve this?


Summing the LFO with an offset should do the trick. You should also attenuate the LFO before summing.

Use Befaco Attenuverter!


Right! Or AxB+C if you wish to CV control the offset and attenuation. (Always modulate your modulations ^^)

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Another answer is to use BogAudio’s LLFO which has built-in scale and offset.


The Befaco Attenuverter did the trick. Thanks everyone!

And if ever screen real estate is a concern, consider Wiqid’s dual attenuverter. Same functionality, only 2hp wide.

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Use it all the time. Like 5 minutes ago, in fact.