_less valami

trying out the Rack fork from Rcomian, while waiting for v1 to drop. yet another one-screen-steevio&mylar-inspired-live-setup.

forgot to turn on the bass.

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hey dude , really nice setup ,would u be able to share te patch?

thanks but sorry, this patch it is long gone now, but you can get plenty of inspiration from steevios or mylars walkthrough videos about their racks in case you wanted to build something similar.

some songs compiled to an “alblum” from not long ago, very crude indeed.

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have u got full screen of that patch still ? thanks

The image you see is all there is, it is already full screen. I don’t think there were modules outside of view, except maybe a filter on the right, but it’s been more than a year ago…

Anyways, I wouldn’t sweat trying to recreate this exact patch. Just watch mylar’s video about his live rig and build something. You’ll understand what everything does and be able to replace modules to better suit what you like.

Good luck!