Less CPU hungry VCV Rack alternatives?

(Antonio Tuzzi) #81

I was never able to go down to 256… :roll_eyes:

(Nik Jewell) #82

Seems fine - I can sweep the WT on 32 without glitches

(Antonio Tuzzi) #83

anyway in HCF mode + SWARM: oversamples 8x times 12 Oscillators, interpolating 8 tables for every sample
(HUGE amount of math (simple) math operations !)

(Nik Jewell) #84

OK, HCF+Swarm I’m getting some clicks at 32. Fine at 64. Only using 8ms on Multi.

(Antonio Tuzzi) #85

good, because will be my first candidate for a POLY VCO (when the 1.0 will be out) (16 voices or 8 voices)

(Skrylar) #86

I’m sure hyperthreading isn’t actually useless, but I’ve never found a use for it. @JimT

Hyperthreading is mostly a sham to get Windows to put more work on the existing cores, because a lot of work loads actually don’t use the entire core by themselves for one reason or another (ex. they get stuck waiting on the hard drive to load data, so the core is actually “idle” while other things happen.)


I have made artificial programs that scale well with hyper. make one thread that is entirely CPU bound, make another that is entirely memory bus bound. Then they both run at full speed. The example of the HD waiting is not germane to hyperthreading -normal threading takes care of that as the entire thread goes to sleep and yields to another one. with hyper two thread are actually running at the same time on the same core and they yield to each other at a micro-level. But yeah, it’s mostly a sham, it doesn’t help a ton usually, and it really doesn’t help for big audio loads. Some DAWs recommend turning it off if possible.

(Josep) #88

@JimT @Nik

I have downloaded the Mac .dmg to give it a try, but i can’t mount it (“no mountable file systems”)
The .dmg check before mounting give no errors (i’ve download it several times to check it is not damaged)
Probably it is made with a newer Mac OS X system (I HATE Apple policies! :rage:)

My system: Mac OS X 10.10.5

(Nik Jewell) #89

Strangely I have the same problem now I try it. I thought I had downloaded it before and it was OK.

Jim built that DMG in the end because I found I could no longer compile the Bridge plugins (despite having done so before).

I’ve just spent an hour having another go and have failed. You will have no problems building Jim’s fork yourself if you are up to it, and you can use the Bridge plugins from the Rack distribution as is.

Sorry :frowning:

(Josep) #90

@Nik I tried to open the .dmg with 7zip in Windows 10 (it can open mac .dmg files), and it says it is an Apple_APFS, what confirms my suspicions after having found this, previously in the Net:

MacOS Sierra (10.12) and earlier is actually not able to mount the new Apple File System (APFS). So if you ran hdiutil and see references to Apple_APFS , the issue is likely legitimate incompatibility, and this disk image won’t open on this Mac without an update to the operating system.

Another comment on the same subject:

Unfortunately, since this DMG uses APFS, it’s only compatible with macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or later. The error message is the same as if the DMG was broken, but in this case means hdiutil can see the partitions and everything looks ok, but macOS 10.12 and earlier isn’t actually able to mount/use APFS partitions.

So sadly, the only way to proceed is to open the DMG on High Sierra or higher.

BTW, i have tried @joebentley10’s “4th jan 2” in my Windows 10 device with the original VCV Rack (not experiments2) and it runs smoothly.


  • Model: Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13’
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-6567U at 3.30 GHz
  • Graphics Card: Intel® Iris™ Graphics 550
  • RAM: 8 Gb

Valley’s Dexter: 70-90 ms

(Josep) #91

Do not worry @Nik, I wish everything were like that! :blush: … Also, i’m sure there will be a charitable soul here that will create a new .dmg compatible with the so-called “old and obsolete” systems by the grace of Apple :angry:

(Nik Jewell) #92

@Josep I have converted Jim’s DMG to a .cdr disk image. Hopefully you can mount it now. You can grab it here:


(Leonardo Laguna Ruiz) #93

In defense of Trummor 2. It consumes that much because it’s 7 modules in one: two oscillators, two envelopes, two filters and a distortion. Doing the equivalent task with individual modules would consume more CPU.

(Josep) #95

Hi @Nik, i greatly appreciate your efforts to help me with this (and most probably to some others here also), so thank you so much! :pray: … However, i must say that i have had no success, i still have the same problem despite i tried everything (“no mountable file systems”) … So i guess you’ve converted it under High Sierra, that uses the new APFS (“Apple File System”) by default.

Anyway, don’t worry … my system’s Hard Disk broke on sunday, so after having recovered all the data, i’m ready to install a new system (MacOSX 10.12 Sierra - I have found a FREE Paragon Tool that converts APFS to HFS+, and it needs 10.12 minimum) … But if that still don’t work, i will stay without using the alternative VCV Rack Experiments version … the world will not collapse by this, still plenty of fun with the official VCV Rack release! … At least until i burn all my computers and say “goodbye” to internet! :wink:


I hate to be an Apple slave, and i had a discussion at GOG some time ago about Apple slavery, constantly forcing their users to change their OSs by first forcing developers to make their apps incompatible with “older” systems that work perfectly well … But everybody there seemed very happy with it, you know! … So everybody’s answer was “Change your system, you moron!”

Well, it seems that nowadays we all feel really happy being slaves (and not only in the computer world!), wanting others to be also slaves like us … The proof is that of all those who work with Mac here, only you have offered to help me with the problem (and possibly others who also have the same problem, but who prefer to remain silent) … NOT EVEN the one who created the original .dmg image! :disappointed_relieved:

Anyway, let’s enjoy reading News of the Rack and learn of new modules in the “Rack Land”, and what they are for … and let’s forget about disappointments! :pensive: :cry:

(Nik Jewell) #96

I did convert it on 10.13 as I couldn’t open it on 10.11. Anyway, it sounds like your system is moving on so hopefully you’ll find a way later.

I share your sentiments on Apple; I am pretty disillusioned myself after 17 years with them and I doubt I will buying from them again now.

Happy to try to help but you might want to rethink your sentiments on the lack of help from others. I offered to build a Mac distribution of Jim’s fork, as I had done so successfully in the past, but I was unable to this time. Jim stepped in and put the DMG together.

We are already in his debt for creating his fork in the first place. OS X is not his development environment and he doesn’t owe you or me anything.

Anyway, plenty of other new things to get excited about as you say and Andrew has already indicated a promising way forward for improving performance on thermally compromised Macbooks.


(Josep) #97

Sure @Nik, i am in debt with many people in the Rack Land … above all Andrew, but also Omri (thanks a lot for the new video on STS Odissey!), VCV Rack Ideas, Leonardo Laguna, A. Mercer, Norbert “News of the Rack”, Synthikat, Modular Curiosity, The Klirrfaktor, Ablaut, The Art of Sound, Olivier Dahan, and many others who constantly teaches all of us this wonderful world of Modular Synthesis … And with You, Jim, Lars, Patman, A. Tuzzi, Richie, Paul Piko, and many others always trying to help people here, or bringing new ideas to the already complex world of the Modular Synthesis … And also with all those developers that gift us every other week with new wonderful modules and posibilities to make great music with this wonderful piece of software that is VCV Rack …

So no @Nik, it’s only that “sharing” has a completely different meaning for me … that is: to me everybody is equally important, from the beginners to the experienced ones … 'cause i have always considered myself that i owe all of them any help they may need from the very moment i decide to share something with them.

But of course, that’s just me, and i can not prettend everybody be the same as me … world is as is, and is the world that must change itself.

BTW, look what the forum software said me as soon as i started to write this post! :sweat_smile: :joy:
With intelligent software like this one, moderators soon will be unemployed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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(Skrylar) #98

It’s not so much that Apple forces incompatibility, as they really aren’t bothered to keep it (at least pre-Cook). If you want a big taste of this without the other corporate problems you can look at Arch linux; it works great, usually, until it doesn’t, and things just sort of fall in and out of working depending on the month.

I don’t think Cook really knows what he is doing, though. There is a grand difference between removing a floppy drive port that truly doesn’t get much use because CDs came out, and removing the keyboard because you’ve arbitrarily decided hey you can just do all of your typing through Siri and those keyboardists are just un-hip losers.


I finally got around to testing @JimT multithread build on my PC laptop and the results were just as nice as with the MBP. This came about as I was trying to run a patch I built on the mac, with my pc. Things were choppy and performing like crap which was odd since I usually get much better performance from vcv on my pc. I installed the multithread version, set it to two threads to match my mbp setting and the patch ran perfectly.


are there any plans to include the multi threading option and fps limit in rack v1?

(Andrew Belt) #101

Yes and maybe.