Learning Self Generating Patch

I just downloaded a version of vcv and started to learn it along with youtube videos.
I’m learning “lets build a Generative Patch in VCV Rack” on youtube and there comes a part on using Sssh module which has 4 sample & hold sections. I’m using VCV 1.1.1 and this module is not included in the free downloads. I substituted Audio Instruments and use 4 of the multiples which has the Sample & Hold function. I got to around 18 mins using quantum to trigger notes. Well I did as the tutorial, but I don’t get any triggers from the rampage outputing from the multiples to the quantum. Also when I connect the trigger out of the 2nd quantum to the toggle of the 1st one, all my notes went off.

So my question, does the problem lie with the Sssh module and the Utilities module?
If so, is there any modules that you would suggest that can give the same function?

I’m really new to this so I’m just learning by doing and watching the tutorial.

if you could upload your patch or a screenshot, it will be easier for us to spot what’s going on…

ok thanks…

this is the area, where i’m confused…

Self-Generating01.vcv (46.0 KB)

i’m studying your pacth i’ll tell you if i manage to see what is wrong :wink:

well… Everything looks and sounds good IMO :slight_smile:

Here the triggers are there from time to time, no problem :wink:

sounds ok to me, i think everything is quantized the way it should, i’m not an expert with quantum tho, someone might correct me

Overall great patch man! tottaly my kind of stuff :slight_smile: looks a lot like my first one ! thanks for the memories of my beginnings :slight_smile:

I don’t get a ‘blinking’ light at the out of the multiples… do you?

Thanks, I still learning… attempting this generative patch.

It doesn’t truly blink, but there is definitely some signal going on, I saw it on the scope :wink:

Hi dikTok!
I’m looking at the patch and for some reason the Quantums seem not to work, but when I change them with new Quantums, the note toggling works just fine. I cannot seem to reproduce this issue, but if you can, it should be reported.
About Rampage, I don’t see any multiples in its area, but there are triggers coming out from the Rise and Fall outputs. Is this what you mean?
Anyway, Kinks is a good substitute for Shhh, and please try to use new Quantums and let me know if it works.

Oh no, you broke your Quantum, again?! :joy:


Hi Omri!
Thanks for replying. Yes I’m learning from your youtube video. Thanks for the video!

ok thanks for the kinks suggestion replacement.

I actually mean to say that there are no trigger output coming out from the Multiples at the side of the FM-OP. The triggering out of the Rampage works fine, I see the led blink and also the blink is on the trig on the Multiple. But no output blink…I guess thats why the FM-Op is not triggering.


ah, I’ve been using Kinks all along…I need to rephrase when I say utilities it might kinks… i see utitilites at the top of the module…hence the mistake.:wink:

Ok I know where everything went wrong now…

replaced the quantums and it works now. I right-click it an see the difference, right at the bottom, between legacy and poly mode. It was on poly mode thats why it didn’t work.

Thanks guys for looking into this…:pray:

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Hi Omri @Omri_Cohen why should the note toggle work? There is nothing connected to the toggle, only to the note ?

Hey, thanks! I’m happy you enjoy my work :slight_smile:
About Quantum, yes, that’s a new mode that was added and that can cause the issue, totally. Bu the way, this new mode is really interesting because it will let you use a Midi controller to play arps. So if you connect your keyboard to the Note and Toggle of Quantum and send let’s say an LFO through it, you can decide which notes will be active as long as you hold the notes on the keyboard. It’s really cool.
And yes, sorry, Kinks is Utilities…
I still don’t understand about the multiples. The only once I see are next to the clock, and they seem to work.

As soon as you connect something to the toggle input it will erase all notes because it’s waiting for a polyphonic input of Midi keyboard for example. It’s set on Poly Gate Mode.

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Greatly enjoy your tutorials.Thanks man!

one more thing, what is the equivlant to Clock Multipler for version 1.1?

I’m really happy to hear that :slight_smile:
Do you mean the one from KlirrFactory? It’s been updated to VCV 1, you can find it here - http://klirrfactory.com/product/klirrfactory-modular-mixer-for-vcv-rack-free-edition/

cool! thanks for the tip!!

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