Leap Motion meets VCV Rack

I decided to take part of a day and just get a little crazy, grabbed some old hardware I had laying around and wrote a quick module.

I’ll release it if there’s interest, but I figured it would be fun to do and show.


hi jerry

great video ! as an owner of the leap motion (which is sleeping in his corner) i m interested about your module



looks like I’d only be able to release it for macOS and linux, as the leap sdk is only compatible with vsc++ (unless someone has notes on compiling modules with visual studio instead of mingw?)

someone had managed to get it running with the 32bit mingw in 2015, but it seems to have fallen off the map as far as I can tell.

There is one under the dust here also, looking for your module on mac!

Great job, interested in the Mac release too :smiley:

Very cool!

I’ve released downloads for MacOS and Linux - https://legitimatesounding.com/sv-modular/


Thanks for the mac release !

I just wish a good windows version were possible without a ton of effort.