Lean accelerando

Hi all!

I’m trying to build a basic accelerando patch. What I would like to achieve is:

  • 1 master clock
  • 1 signal that follows the master (4/4)
  • 1 signal that accelerates but resets on the bar (1/8)

What I have done for now is using 1 master clock, send this into a divider and send a reset signal every first of eight beats to the LFO and to slave clocks. The LFO speeds up the bpm of one of the slave clocks until it’s reset.

The problem is that there is no connection between the bpm of the master clock and the bpm of the accelerating clock. I suspect I would need a logic gate to add the bpm signal with the LFO signal. What’s the easiest way to do this?

Or even better: are there any modules that provide accelerando’s/ritardando’s? Or are there easier ways to implement this?

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: the second normal clock can probably be left out since it’s an exact copy of the master.

Trigger by one clock an increasing ramp and feed that to the BPM input of the second clock. Example:

accel-o-clock.vcvm (547 Bytes)

Easy to make it decelerate by reversing the AD envelope too.

Thanks for the example!

I have rebuild it successfully, but still face the same problem that if I change the master bpm, the second, accelerating clock won’t follow.

Connect the out BPM on the Master Clock to the inBPM on the second clock.

But then the speeding up is not in place anymore. I believe a combination of the master clock signal and the envelope generator is needed.


Yes, that’s what I needed. Thanks a lot!

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