Layering looped samples in VCV Rack (with Simpliciter)

Hi all,

I had the thought of trying to record and layer several loops of sampled sound using Simpliciter and its SOS (sound on sound) option. The issue I came across is that, given the Mix knob, with each new recording the previous recordings get softer and softer. There seems to be no way around this that I can figure out. So my questions are: can I use Simpliciter to do this (and just haven’t figured out how to yet)? Or, is there another module that can do what I’m hoping to do? (I’m sure there are, but maybe without all of the cool features of Simpliciter).

Many thanks! AP

There are a few modules that can do looping with overdubs, if that’s what you want. Lilac looper may be worth a look, but I don’t think there’s anything else with features Simpliciter has.

Hello there, have a look at the following loopers:



Path set Hyphae. Truffles-- endorsed by Omri Cohen Some have many control features. Hope that helps you