Launch Control (Mk1) drops connection in Rack

I have an old Launch Control (the mini, not the XL) that will work just fine mapped in Rack for about 15 minutes then suddenly stop responding. I can’t seem to recreate the issue consistently. It happens in Rack v1.6 and v2. Some basics:

  1. I’m on a Lenovo ThinkPad running Win 10. I set the Device Manager so it doesn’t turn USB the devices off to save power.
  2. Running most recent Novation drivers.
  3. Using a brand new USB cable.
  4. During the lack of response, MIDI-OX detects activity but not every time. Still trying to replicate this.
  5. Generally, the only thing that fixes it is unplugging the device, closing Rack, plugging it in, starting Rack.

Do you plug the LC directly into the laptop or into an external USB hub?