Latency Problem with Ableton Live and VCV Bridge and Soundflower

Hi everyone!

I know there is already a lot of online information on this topic. Nevertheless I’m trying since two full days solve this problem. I hope you’re not mad at me because I’m opening this threat again. I’m considering myself as quite experienced Ableton user.

The Problem: I want to just send MIDI-Notes to VCV send the generated audio back to Ableton. I’m trying it with a very simple patch in VCV Rack and an empty project in Ableton. But I still get a huge latency of 44ms. As suggested from different users, I’m working with the internal Blackhole bus for the audio. For the MIDI I’m just using the classic IAC driver. Here are some screenshots:

What I tired already: Bridge, different buffer sizes in Ableton, Soundflower

Can you help me with this?

Thank you sooo so much! Milian

More Screenshots:

Screenshot 2020-06-11 at 13.24.26

Screenshot 2020-06-11 at 13.14.59

Also, I know there are several options to compensate the latency like Track Delay or MS compensation in the External Instrument (Ableton). But the problem with this approach is, that the latency is going to change when I load, delete or change the tracks, so I have to adjust the latency compensation with every change I’m doing.

The huge latency is a known issue on OSX :

Regarding ableton, setting the “Hardware latency” in external instrument to compensate for VCV internal buffer is the only way to have it right.


Yeah, same experience, I don’t think there’s really anything effective you can do to fix it. It’s actually worse than just latency, there’s significant jitter / timing drift as well, so you can’t just record audio or midi then drag it back on the grid.

Personally, I’ve pretty much given up on VCV Rack because of this issue, at least until 2.0 and Rack for DAWs comes out.

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i also get frustrated with using VCV on mac which is unfortunate because i really enjoy it and buying another computer just to run Rack isnt an option at the moment. wish we could do a fundraiser to optimize it for osx users.

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Hey 23volts, benway and persy…

Thank you for the answers! So sad to hear this… VCV Rack for me is completely useless then… Just looked for the Mutable Instruments Elements emulation because, its the only one out there.

all the best, m

Have you tried to adjust the “driver error compensation” to reduce the overall latency, it might help a bit.

Either way the whole virtual midi and virtual audio round trip is quite messy, it can work for some and for some it absolutely doesn’t work at all.

Fingers crossed for VCV Rack for DAWS.