"Last Train for Mankind" - new feature in Entropia module - Ambient patch no#4

Hello Rackerz.

This time I present you a patch in which I used two external VST plugins both are great virtual instruments from Air (both are paid version). The first is Xpand! 2. “It is a multitimbral workstation offering four active sound slots, or parts, per patch.” The other is Vacuum Pro. “It is a polyphonic analog synthesizer with a vacuum tube circuit modeling that perfectly captures the crunchy, warm sound of the analog era.” The first one was used to generate female and male choirs. I also let the women’s choir pass through the Vult God Rescomb2 filter (3 stereo channel on the mixer) to add some variables to the whole. To make it interesting then I came up with an idea how to use the new properties of the Entropia module from Geodescis (for me the idea of ​​using this module as a kind of mixer for two separate audio channels (or sound sources) is a revelation.) For this project it gave an interesting effect. What else … hmmm? Oh. I forgot that VacuumPro the second of the VST plug-ins used by me was used to obtain the sound effect of the steam locomotive (via 2xVorg filter and Rescomb2). Female and male choirs and a steam locomotive were programmed with a (phrasal sequencer) Foundry from Impromptu Modular. Two Interzone from Valley modules served to give the dark character to the whole.

So that’s it, thanks for watching this video, don’t forget click the ok button if you like this. Or if want see more you can subscribe my channel. See You in my next movie.


It sounds crazy, man. Very cinematic.

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Very nice,impressive!