laptop microphone in vcv

Hi I am a newbie and I like to speak into a Sampler module but don’t no how to connect my laptop microfoon in to vcvrack so how to connect the microfoon to vcv. I using Asio4all any help thanks

Coonect the audio input (the black jacks of the audio module with the green LED over ) to a recorder/sampler module and get fun @Omri_Cohen have pretty nice tutorials of the nysthi samplers

I also thought that it had to work like this, however on my Audio 8 interphase the green light is on at 1 and 2 (the black outputs) From divise but I cannot get an output from my laptop microphone on the VU and meter and also when record with the Lilac Looper

i’m afraid that Asio4all disconect the normal audio in my laptop because i can’t play vcvracken and mediaplayer at the same time then the computer reports that another program is controlling the sound

The laptop microphone is probably handled as a 2nd soundcard, meaning it has it’s own audio drivers. Unfortunately I don’t think you can use two different audio devices in Rack at the same time (it will be possible in Rack V2), and I don’t think you can configure Asio4All to use the input from a second device…

Maybe there’s an alternative with something like JackAudio, but I don’t know anything about that.

Also it is normal for Asio4All to disconnect the regular Audio driver when it’s running. I recommend using the FL Studio Asio driver (included in every demo install of FL Studio) - It still let’s you hear your regular Audio at the same time AND it has proven to me to be much more reliable and faster with non-Asio-soundcards (meaning you should be able to choose a smaller buffer size than in Asio4All)

Maybe you can try to run Rack with FL Studio Asio drivers and run Audacity with the regular drivers at the same time, record a file in Audacity and then load it into the sampler.