Krell Patch in VCV Rack

Hi All,

First post here. This Krell patch is the first thing I’ve shared publicly as I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

VCV Rack Krell Patch 001

ALM Pip Slope and Nano Modules VCV Random are generating the envelopes. Two Befaco Pony VCOs through Nano Modules Font filter make up the main voice, which is getting v/oct from another (quantised) VCV Random via a sample and hold. The VCOs are multed several times: one pair is split to separate channels in the mixer and getting some random panning from from VCV Random; one “stereo” pair is going through Valley Plateau reverb on 100% wet; another pair is going through Alright Devices Chronoblob2 delay 100% wet and then Surge XT Waveshaper; the third pair gets every fourth note via a couple of 1 to 4 switches and then goes through Surge XT Frequency Shifter and AS Reverb Stereo Fx, both 100% wet. There is a little modulation on the filter cut-off frequencies and one of the Pony VCO’s FM.