Komplete Kontrol with VCV

Hi everybody, how are you? I would like to buy a midi keyboard to be able to use VCV rack live, without pads and with a few knobs (I already have a novation launch xl). I have seen KK A61 but I need to know if it is a keyboard dedicated only to NI products or if it will work well also with VCV Rack. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

I see in the specs that’s MIDI via USB…personally I would have no doubt…mapping in VCV Rack is simple as hell :+1:


I have an M32 and it works nice in Rack in MIDI mode. Native Instruments released also a big firmware update two weeks ago for A-series and M32 which allows custom MIDI assignments and relative mode for the endless knobs.


Thanks a lot for replies guys! I think I’ll go for KK a61 :smiley:

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I’ve got the A49 and it’s great for VCV.