Knobs and faders jump unexpectedly when dragging

Hi folks

If you in Rack 1.1.4 and later still have the issue with knobs and faders jumping unexpectedly when dragging, even though it was supposed to be fixed in Rack version 1.1.4, then please chime in on this issue so Andrew will know about it, and it can be fixed:


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Fore me it seems some knobs are in a wrong position after loading and jump to another position when trying to change a value.
After loading some knobs show a position that could not been reached with a mouse move!

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That sounds like a seperate issue, a graphics issue. I’ve actually experienced this for the first time, on Rack 1.1.5, after zooming in/out, on the Rainbow module.

Yup, that’s the Github issue I’m linking to. It would be appreciated if you could comment on the Github issue, with as detailed info as possible, otherwise it won’t be fixed.

That seems like the seperate graphics issue again.

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